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Spindle Driving Pulley

The present version of spindle driving pulley is fundamentally improved in structure and overall construction considering the disadvantages of the conventional spindle driving pulleys. The pulley is made of poly carbonate filled glass fibre reinforced ABS which makes it lighter as well as robust. The solid hub and 3 Allen Screws provided at 120 deg. ensure balanced fixing on the driving shaft. The dynamically balance tested pulley Weighs barely 400gm.
Face width reduced to the optimum requisite level with flanged sides to help to draw less air while in motion. This will generate less air turbulence at the sub structure.

The reduced face width :

Draw less air towards the vicinity of the driven spindle.
Draw less fluff and dust towards the spinning area which otherwise would result in increased end breakage.
Reduced presence of full and short fiber at the spinning area will ensure that the fluff and short fibers does not get entangled with the spun yarn.
Less air turbulence reduce noise level of the frame making working condition better suited.
Less air dragging and light weight together save power.
In a modernised textile spinning mills this invention has utility value at quality of making the end product – yarn more competitive at the same time saves energy.
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